Vienna, the capital of Austria, is one of the most modern and attractive cities in Europe and has been repeatedly rated as the world’s best places to live, due to its cultural and historical heritage, sophisticated lifestyle and plentiful amenities.

At a glance

Magnificent imperial buildings, picturesque alleys, renowned museums and dramatic views can be found on almost every corner.
Vienna’s city inner districts have many to offer and whether your choice is an apartment with high ceilings in a historic building, a penthouse with a roof terrace or a villa on the surrounding hills, buying a property in Vienna grants a strong investment for you and your family, combining unique lifestyle and security that come with living in a major city in the very heart of Europe.

“With forecasts to exceed the two million inhabitants in the next few years, demand for residential property in Vienna is strong and rising in all districts.”

Raffaello MarchettiVienna specialist