Venice and Venetian Riviera

Venice, and its own beautiful Riviera, is one of the most magnificent and magical places in Italy. A fashionable city of stunning architecture and history, complemented by an outstanding social and cultural life. Moreover, the Venetian Riviera, with its scenic harbours, attractive beaches of fine golden sand and crystalline waters, add further charm to the whole area, making this coastal destination facing the Adriatic Sea, one of Italy’s most favourite tourism spots.

At a glance

Many international buyers continue to account for an important chunk of the prime property market in Venice, with most of them driven by luxurious lifestyle desires rather than short-term speculation. Their vast appetite for city living, which combines culture and amenities with the potential for a good investment, makes small pied-a-terre, as a source of income with excellent yields, or larger family houses, which they usually retain for themselves or for vacations of small groups of relatives and friends, the most coveted properties.
Rising stars of the Venetian Riviera are furthermore the comfortable and peaceful holiday retreats along the shores of the Adriatic sea, solid and successful investment for all genuine lovers of Italy worldwide.

“Very few places can compete with Venice for its ability to ensure capital appreciation, rental income potential or a stunning setting in which to live.”

Giorgio PizzamiglioVenice and Venetian Riviera specialist