Blessed by an amazing natural environment, that ranges from pristine beaches to mountains and rolling plains scented by myrtle and juniper, Sardinia stands apart from all other Italian regions because it mixes deep-rooted local tradition and wilderness with opulence and extravagance.

At a glance

If purchasing a property in Sardinia can undoubtedly be a great investment, having an asset which can be used for primary or secondary residence, or easily rented out, the values in the island may largely vary depending on the location.
The internationally renowned Costa Smeralda in the North East of the island, exclusive playground of the world’s jet set, is top of the range with its beautiful villas, concealed under the Mediterranean vegetation and overlooking the sea.
There are however many other attractive locations on the island in which owning a villa or holiday apartments is much more affordable. In particular, the lively and colourful towns of Alghero and Bosa in the North West and the beautiful South Coast, including Cagliari, the major city and capital of the island, are keeping pace with and are increasingly popular among foreign investors looking to buy villas or apartments in Sardinia.

“There are many lovely options in Sardinia, from modern family apartments and magnificently seafront villas to traditional rural dwellings and extensive stone farmhouses.”

Maria Luce MarchettiSardinia specialist