As the main commercial and economic hub of Italy, as well as the undisputed capital of Italian fashion and design, Milan is appealing on a global scale, attracting several businesses, registering robust tourist flows, hosting international events and investing in the development of new infrastructure.

At a glance

The residential landscape of Milan ranges from imposing period buildings with elegant facades to villas and townhouses, from flats within the city’s prime locations to luxury apartments in new developments in semi-central areas, with the latter which are changing the face of the city and result in strong appreciation among the international buyers. Such new properties, and those located in the historic centre, are to be deemed as risk-free investment, meeting in particular the favour of clients from abroad, while locals mainly invest in the outlying, but well-connected, areas, contributing to the enlargement of the city boundaries. Urban regeneration and modern developments are having the ability to attract many new residents and these are the main reasons which push investors towards Milan’s real estate market.

“Having become an international hotspot, the city attracts the interest of foreign investors, in particular in the luxury homes segment, and many new projects are currently ongoing, with room for further investment growth.”

Giorgio PizzamiglioMilan specialist