Lake Balaton

The Balaton region is a popular destination for both domestic and foreign tourists, who can enjoy the many attractions the dispersed small villages and the lake itself have to offer. While the southern shore of Lake Balaton has a major focus on providing attractions and amenities to tourists, with sophisticated beach resorts and services, the northern and western shores gain particular interest among people who find more attractive to relax in quiet and rural surroundings, hiking tours, visiting monuments in beautiful natural settings.

At a glance

The property market is thriving and has seen rapid development in the area with the construction of luxury apartments and villas, often with large terraces and swimming pools, which can be used as seasonal or permanent housing. Germans and Austrians in particular, many of them retired couples, settle on the shores of Lake Balaton, thanks to the good quality of life and favourable climatic conditions.

“Demand has grown significantly in recent years and more and more foreigners flocked to the area.”

Raffaello MarchettiLake Balaton specialist