The alluring cosmopolitan city of Budapest is a magnet for visitors from all over Europe, thanks to its wealth of a mixture of beautiful architectural styles, ranging from Art Nouveau, Eclectic, Neoclassical and Baroque, which confirm Budapest's moniker as the Paris of Central Europe.

At a glance

Depending on budget and lifestyle, Budapest has many districts that suit the tastes of different buyers.
From the Pest downtown area in District V, VI and VII, packed with stylish apartments in needs of be fixed up or already renovated, to the many brand-new developments in District VIII, IX or XIII, which often meet the favour of overseas buyers and buy-to-let investors, being these locations very popular among students and young professionals looking for a property to rent, even to the many elegant villas and mansions scattered along the greenery rolling hills of Buda, set on the west bank of the Danube.

“Budapest is one of the most attractive markets for real estate investment in Europe, offering tremendous value both for gorgeous historical and brand-new properties, especially in comparison with the neighbouring cities of Prague and Vienna.”

Raffaello MarchettiBudapest specialist