The perfect home for a client may not be the same for another. It is certainly a matter of personal taste. We evaluate in depth any aspect of your requirements in order to well address our research. It may turn a good property into the perfect one. We arrange a 'no obligation' meeting, by phone, online or face to face, wherever is more convenient for our clients. We will discuss your property requirements, the purpose of the purchase, fix your budget and the service to be provided if you instruct us as your property finder.

Potentially suitable properties are often available, due to our extensive network of trustworthy partners. It may be a straight way to quickly address the requirements of clients in a hurry to purchase a property, saving time and monies. If none of the available properties fully match with the requirement of the client, we will start our research. We investigate throughout our networks of contacts, ready built properties on the open market, off plan developments, just to name a few. We assess and evaluate every property from an independent perspective, short listing to our client only the very best options.

The outcome of the research is a shortlist of properties which should match (or should be as close as possible to) the requirements of the client. A shortlisting service only (min. 10 properties) is also available upon clients' request. The shortlist is then addressed to the client and discussed in person, when possible, at best convenience. Once one or more properties theoretically meet the client requirements, a comprehensive viewing of the said properties is organized and booked. Only at this stage our client need to travel. Our contacts onsite will take good care of the client and will be delighted to ensuring the best possible experience. No time is wasted viewing unsuitable properties, meaning the trip can be just a couple of days or even less.

Once the right property has been chosen, after or even before the viewing, we secure the property on your behalf, for a limited period of time (generally one week), keeping it off the market. We negotiate the purchase price with the seller (developer, real estate agent or third party), aiming to negotiate and obtain the best possible conditions for the client. As soon as a satisfactory agreement has been reached between the parties, the client can enter into a preliminary agreement with the seller (in form of a reservation, a preliminary contract, etc). The type of this preliminary agreement depends on the rules and regulations of the specific country where the agreement is concluded. At this stage, we invoice our client for the rendered property finding service (see Our Fees).
However, once the purchase price is agreed between the client and the seller and a preliminary contract is signed, we oversee the legal conveyancing process and we liaise with all parties involved, such estate agents, surveyors and solicitors, in order to ensure that the whole purchase process moves as smooth as possible. We can introduce reputable lawyers, solicitors, surveyors, notary public, as well as mortgage brokers and planning consultants, who will help and advice during the process and will guide you towards the completion.
Now the completion has taken place and you are the happy owner of your dream home. We have a comprehensive list of useful contact and well established relationships that we are glad to share. We can provide cleaners, surveyors, architects, builders, landscape gardeners, interior designer, curtain makers and more who will help you to settle into your own new home.