You can go through the internet media seeking your property online but you may be scattered across thousands of offers. You may be the last to see them, they may be not up to dated and even they may already be under offer or sold. It should be frustrating and truly disappointing. In a competitive market, you have to be the first to be informed about the latest trends and opportunities, knowledge and information is key to cherry-pick the best deals on the property markets. We do this, our eyes are wide opened upon the property markets and we can advise in this matter. This is one of the several advantages we can offer you.



In the vast majority of countries, estate agents work both on behalf of the vendor, selling the property and, generally speaking, even on behalf of the buyer, finding the required property. On the contrary, in any property market, we work exclusively on behalf of the buyers, researching the best options between all properties available on the market, not just those from one agent, providing a tailored and bespoke property finding service.


Of course, it is not easy to say, it may depend on several factors and particularly of the property market itself. However, we aim to have successfully found you a suitable property within 1/3 months from the date of instruction. 


Sometime a reduction of the asked price is easily achievable, sometimes it is not. Market dynamics often determines the pricing and it may largely vary between different markets. However, our in-depth knowledge of our markets and our extensive network of contacts with realtors, developers and real estate allow us to secure the property agreeing the lowest achievable price and not overpaying it unnecessarily.


It is definitely not in our interest. We work side by side with our clients and grow thanks to our client’s satisfaction which is of the utmost importance and very rewarding for us.


We use the upmost discretion at every stage of the process. We can also provide a panel of reputable lawyer and solicitors who can act on your behalf with Power Of Attorney. 


We can provide plenty of information and manage almost everything about the chosen property by email. However, we cannot represent you before a notary public and complete the purchase on your behalf. As said, we can easily provide a panel of local lawyers or solicitors in any country. You can grant power of attorney, giving them the necessary authority to fully represent you at completion.


Yes, through our extensive network of developers and realtors we are well positioned to hear about and be informed before properties have been even launched and hit the open market. 


No, we offer our services for any (reasonable) budget.



In the more established countries we generally employ estate agents whom we know and trust as well as our extensive network of contacts. We browse and scan international real estate websites on regular basis, as well as local press and enquire targeted people to find potential sellers in specific areas. In less developed markets, we strive to find the most lucrative opportunities of investments, contacting local developers and builders.


There are no free services in business. If the fee comes to the agent from the seller only, the impartial advice is definitely lost. Because of we work exclusively for the buyer, there is no conflict of interest. We negotiate the best possible deal on your behalf, very often the savings achieved cover the cost of our services.